Monday, December 31, 2012

Revolutions for 2013

Today is the last day i blogging in 2012, cos tomorrow is 2013 ^^. Usually in here, last night before new year rain comes out, but not tonight. Rain doesn't fall. My parents decided to go outside arround 10 pm. They wanna look around the city like teenagers do *huft. What bout me? I just lay on my bed in front of my beloved laptop during 2013 come -____-. Nevermind, i've wonted stay alone at home during new year eve. It was already be ma habbit since i was in 4th grade u,u.

Every people sure have their own revolutions for better in the new year. Include me ^^. Of course i have many many many revolutions for 2013, but i focus on the main of my revolutions. So, this is my main revolutions for 2013:

  1. I can be accept in the most favorite high school                                                 I always wants to be accept in senior SMAN 1 Sidoarjo or SMAN 15 Surabaya. fyi for international readers, in here we called high school is Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMA). These high school have internasional standard leaning in my city.
  1. Graduate with a super good mark                                                                     Good mark is the one of point for sign in public high school. Why i choose public high school? Cos they have low cost learning education or free and usually they’ve already have great popularity in peoples assumption.
  1. Get the best raport score ever                                                                              Even my raport score previously was good enough, but it’s not enough for me. Must to improve my skills academy.
  1. Lose 10 kg >.<                                                                                                             I was soooooooooooooo wondering become soooooooooooo skinny, cos my body have excess of fat. The fat patch all over my body especially my thighs. I can’t enjoy when i used to look my thighs while i was wearing skinny jeans or legging, it’s sooooo big. Plus i want have S size clothes in my closet.
  1. Gain height                                                                                                       Since i was in 6th grade till now, my height has still in same position. I really envy with all of my cousins, cos they’re taller than me. When i was kid, i’m the tallest between my cousins. They height was same with my ears *overbear. But after ride into puberty, my height is on line with their ears *karma
  1. Save my money                                                                                             Hopefuly i can save moooooore money for invest my future. Fyi i’m not come from rich family, i grew up in simply family. From chilhood, my mother always embed to me that looking for money isn’t easy as you think, you must work hard for get a little piece of coin and thank to God whenever you get earnings.
  1. More serious in beauty blogger and make more posts plus held a giveaway                                                                                                       Actually i started my blog at December 2011, but i dunno what to do in blogger. I dunno gonna post what, it was blank on my mind. So, i leave it for a whole time. I re-alive my blog at November 2012 *too late*. I was intersted being beauty blogger cos i like about beauty. Hopefuly in 2013 i can reach more follower and held a giveaway XD.
  1. I can drive car well                                                                                                 Now i’m in progress of car lesson. I wanna turn position with my dad while my family go for vacation, so my dad wouldn’t so tired at all. And for emergency call, if there’s some unplanned problem on other city.
  1. Learn foreign languages                                                                                        I’m very infatuate for hold more than 4 languages. In this year i was learning Chinese, but it stopped, cos i have to prepare for national test. Maybe, in 2013 i’ll learn Japanese, German, or French                                                                                                                                                                       
  1.  Always makes my parents happy                                                                   See their smiles are like refresh air for me. They already do anything till i’m grow up. I wanna reply it by make them happy  ^^                                                                                                                                            

 That's all from meh. What bout yours?                                                                                                                     

 Bye! see you in next year ^3^

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Liptint

Today is 2 last day to 2013. Actually i wondering make more than 1 post in this day, but i dunno gonna post what. Yeah, maybe just one post today, but might be more than 1 post in the nest day *hoping*. Since my blog is lack of posts T_T.

I bought Tony Moly Liptint in mini size last month, cos i'm so  curious bout this product. Many beauty bloggers review it and it's not dissapointed yet. Mine is in cherry. Bout the packaging, you can see by your self it's reallllyyyy superr miniiii. The size maybe amount of your thumb. Maybe it's arround 5ml and monotone packaging i think, yeah it's match with the price. It's IDR 15.000  or USD 1.5, really cheap right?

But instead of that, i like the packaging. Cos this is really travel size, you can put it on your pocket and your jeans hohohoh..... such as simple thing.

One thing that you must know. If you buy TM liptint in mini size like me, you should pay attention when you insert the applicator to the bottle. Insert the applicator slowly but sure, don't insert it too hard cos it'll make the lip tint in applicator spread out from the tube and stain onto your fingers. So please take care of it ^^

The applicator is quite easy to use *since my fingers can handle it*. It has curve line that make easy for you to make some dots on your lips. It soft and glides smooth on my lips.

Color of this liptint is really pigmented. Texture is watery without any greasy, pure 100% like water or i can say sumbo in javanese language. Looks red in here, but after apply to your lips it'll look like pink-ish red. 

Above: Before, Below: After

Suitable for daily look, cos it's look so natural or you can apply more than 2x for dare look. Smell like cherry and taste like bitter  med cherry syroup, but it's okay it doesn't bother me at all. I recommend to use your fav lip balm before apply this product, cos it'll make your lips so dry after application and reapply lip balm after application. Can stand for 2-3 hours without eat and drink. If you get drink the color isn't as bright as the first application and when you have to eat i advice you to reapply cos the color will going to wan.

Overall i like this product, but i want try another various lip tint from other brands.

Oh ya, i almost forget to show you the full size

Results : 
Pros :
  • Travel size
  • Cheappp
  • Buildable
  • Natural color
  • Pigmented
  • Watery texture *i like watery*
  • Easy to use applicator
  • Cherry scent
  • Have to apply lip balm before apply this
  • Makes my lips dry >.<
  • Liptint will spread out if you not take care when insert the applicator
  • Have reapply after eat
Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase: No, i want try another liptint

Emergency call, have to go, Bye! ^3^

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Giveaway, Giveaway, and Giveaway

Becos so many giveaways in this month so i decide to make a post with contains many bunch of giveaways. If i still make a post one by one, i thing it's take a long time and not effective. Let's checkout the giveaways below.
From Me, My Self, and I

for more information here

I am Baby Panda Holiday Giveaway

more information here

From utoTIA

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Dream Makup Giveaway

more information here

Mizu 2nd Anniversary Blogging Giveaway

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The Amazing Of J 500 followers + Thank You Giveaway

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Beauty Chica feat. Hairextensiondeal Giveaway

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Beauty Chica Grateful Giveaway

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Anya-Jang First Small Giveaway

more information click here

Feuwhh ..... such a long giveaway post u,u, my eyes so tired 

That's all giveaways link from me. I'll continue it next time, cos there's a lot of giveaways i found this month.
FYI, i'm a freebies junkie so, maybe there's alot of posts about giveaway soon ^^. 

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Ahmeenda 1st Giveaway

As i told you before, this month will be a lot off giveaway posts. Here another giveaway from Ahmeenda from riceysupreme. This open internationally, so come on join this giveaway. There are lot of tempting thing ^^. For more information just click here

Good luck!

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DIY: How To Make Tempe

Morning guys!! Today, i'm posted too early, dunno i just woke up and wanna post this. Very boring in my home, during the holiday i just played with my laptop *poor girl*. All of my friend is on vacation *lucky them*, so i can't go out with them. Forget my lonelines on holiday, let's continue with topic.

Last month i got a biology practice that should the student *contains me* make some traditional foods from biotechnology sistem. Those must be tempe and tape (fermentation of cassava). Tempe and cassava is really traditional food from Indonesia *I really love both ^^*. When i did this with my team, we should take some photos to make the report. So, i decide to put some photos from my practice in here, cos i never make tempe and tape before. For how to make tape, i'll post it as soon as possible.

Materials those you need :

  • Huge tray
  • Bucket
  • Plastik or banana leaves
  • Pan for steam
  • Wooden spoon
  • Stove
Ingredients those you need :
  • 300 gr soya bean
  • 2 gr tempe yeast (Rhizopus sp.)
Sorry, i didn't capture the materials and ingredients :(

Let's make it ;) :
  1. First clean up the soya bean, then soak into water untill  for easily to peel the skin. Throw away the floated skin
  2. Peel the soya bean's skin

    3.   After peeled and cleaned up soya bean. Boil in the pan for a hour. Then drain and dry it under the sun                                           till the soya bean dry, but not too dry. Leave the soya bean skin with moist surface. This step just for                                              dissapear the water from the soya bean. 

My friend, Dina posed under the sun 

     4.   After that, mix the soya bean with tempe yeast. Stir it till mix perfectly
     5.   Put the mixture into plastic or banana leaves. In here i used plastic, cos i don't found any banana leaves. Close the open side by fold the plastic and burn it with candle fire.   

My friend Anita, showing off her pre-tempe
       6.     Pin the plastic surface with needle, toothpich, or something pierce edge.

   7.    Place the pre-tempe on the tray in the room temperature (26-30°C)

    8.    It will become tempe after 40-48 hours
Sorry, i didn't pict the tempe :(. So, i take this pict from google

Sorry for bad englishhhhhhh :'(

That's all from me, hope you enjoy this post :))

If you have any question, please comment below 

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Victoria's Secret Scented Shimmer Powder

 Hi all!! Nowadays in my country is rain. Almost everyday rains come, with downpour and great wind T_T. Yesterday was very terrify downpour and wind, plus the bad side is the lamp went out for all night long #sh*it. I just can laid on the terrace with all my cousin *like iwak pindang*, waiting the lamp turned normally. Therefore, yesterday i can't make some posts.

Few months ago, i got this thing from my aunt. Firstly, i dunno what it is, i thought this thing is kabuki brush, but why kabuki brush has powder in the bottom case? It's so strange. Second predict was highlighter, why highlighter? Cos it has shimmer *short thinker*. I decided to message my aunt to get the true information and she told me that this thing is perfumed powder for body *langsung konek*.

The bottom side

About the packaging is soooo cute and very tempting ^o^. Comes with pink on the bottom and blue on the cap, it's really nice color. The size is really friendly. You can hold it by one hand, really suitable for travelling. It has a brush cap on the bottom so it makes easy for you to carry the brush before  put the the blue cap. FYI, if you don't use the brush cap, it'll make the brush comes out while you put the blue cap and if you always do this the brush will break out :(

The brush isn't really soft enough, maybe they knew it's make for bady not face, therefore they made it not as  soft as the face brush *did victoria's secret launch a face brush?*. But, when i tried on to my body it feel soft. 

I realize that the smell is soooooooo sweeet, really love this smell. Smells like rose but mixed with candy, oh.. i can't explain to you, may be it's like heaven smell. I tried this product first on my 8 years-old cousin  *really bad person*, cos she really likes the scent and shimmer powder. She told me and showed me that the powder wasn't dissapear even she already wash her hand and just little bit smell left on her hand. I'm not sure about that, so i probably tested it on my self. 

You know what? After i tested, i have conclusion that this shimmer powder has super staying power "o". Last Saturday night, my family had to attend a wedding. I blushed some powder on my foot, hands, and arround my neck. I didn't need perfume, cos the powder already perfumed. After back home, the powder was stay on my body :), but the smell wasn't. After i woke up on sunday morning, the powder was still staye on my body ^_^. But after i wased my hand it was went separately. You can count it!! I blushed it maybe at 06.30 pm and gone at 07.00 am, hohoho it's 12,5 hours, it's really very so long lasting power.

Left: with flash, Right: without flash
For the price i don't really know, cos it's gift from my aunt. But after googling, the price is arround USD 8.00. If i'm not wrong, you can google it if you're not sure.

Here are the picts about the powder ingredients and other materials

Results :
  • Travel size
  • Easy to carry
  • Sweeeeeett scent
  • Long lasting shimmer
  • Cute packaging
  • Not any
Rating : 4.5/5
Repurchase : No, i don't like shimmer powder
Recommended ; I recommend this product for who want look BLINK BLINK on wedding, gathering, photoshoot, or other events. If you use this product for daily, it'll look natural if you blush it not too much. 

That's all from me, if you have tried this product, please comment below :))


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oh So Flawless Giveaway

Another post giveaway from me. Yeah, now the giveaway is from Oh So Flawless. She celebrated her 100 followers, congrats for her. This giveaway is open for international so, if you  are international reader ypu can join this giveway. If you want join this giveaway click here

I hope i can win this giveway  *so selfish

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Giveaway Presents For Everyone by Dawn

Who don't love giveaway? I think all peoples love giveaway, cos you get many random things without paying  anything or free. I think nowadays there a lot giveaways are held on December. Plus cos there's alot of giveaways in this month so might be the next post will be show tag of giveaway. I wanna share this giveaway to you guys, hope you can join.

This giveaway is from Dawn See it, Love it, Swatch it. She held this giveaway cos she celebrated 1000 followers *congrats for her*. This giveaway is the symbol of her thank and Christmas celebrate.
There will be 3 prizes on her giveaway. for more information you can check it in here

That's all from me


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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: Etude House Eyes Cream in Mint Cooling

I'm really satisfy if i can erase my dark circle off hide it. I'm so confuse when i'm looking for product eyes. Every products reveals that they can reduce puffiness and erase dark circle. But, after tried many products it turn up failed on my eyes. No one can erase my dark circle T_T.

Few months ago i bought Etude House Eyes Cream, and i'm sure it can remove my dark circle fluently by using it daily. Instead of that, the packaging was so eyecatching 'o', started from the name it's really harass me.

This come with two different version the other one is vanilla moist. I chose the mint cooling one, becos i thought the blue one has a cooling affect sensation *sotoy*. 


The texture is really slightly and easily glid on your under eyes. The smell is like mint but not too strong. 

After few months i use this, there's no changes happened on my eyes. It still has dark cicles -__-.  But the good side is it has SPF from protect the sunlight and i'm not regret to buy it becos i'm so curious to try this product.

  • Eyecatching package
  • SPF 30 PA ++
  • Slightly texture
  • Mint scent even it's not too strong *i like mint
  • Easy to find
  • Mid range price
  • Didn't erase my dark circles
  • Sometimes it haed to opens the cap from the body

Repurchase? NO, big NO
Rating : 2/5
If you have tried this product, please comment below ^_^

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Review: Nivea Sun Moisturizing Sun Lotion

Back on Sunday again, i think the day going on so fast and fotunately 2 days again is Christmas Day! Merry Christmas for you all that celebrate christmas for you don't  celebrate it, don't worry you should be happy cos it's still holiday. I don't know for few days i'd like to post abaout sun care, actually i'm not in mood of swim, but sun care is the most item i use everyday.

Last holiday, i went to the one of favorite swimming area in Surabaya. It was so crowd there, lot of people spent their holiday by swim. And when i want to changed my clothes, fortunately i found this item in the toilet. Without any long time, i grabbed it fast and i use it. *short story from meh hehe u,u*

What they said on their products :
  • Safe protection against sunburn and premature the skin aging
  • UVA and UVB sistem protect skin from sunburn that can make skin aging. Smooth and nonsticky formula absorbs well onto skin and make skin feel smooth and soft.

At the first time i applied this product, i think this product is gonna be sticky for me. You know all of nivea products usually leave a sticky effects *i think :/*. But, this one is NOT. It's really absorb well onto my skin and didn't leave sticky effect. And also come with waterproof so you wouldn't worry about get sunburn while you on swimming. About the consistency it's so weak but not to watery. For the price i don't know so well, cos i found this stuff :D, but after checked it on near supermarket around my house, the price is range arround IDR 50.000-70.000, yeah it's affrordable price.

Pros :
  • Non sticky formula
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to find
  • Waterproof
  • SPF 30 PA++
  • Absorbs well
Cons :
  • Not any
Repurchase? Yes, but i want to find this item fotunately :)))
Rating : 4/5

If i compare to Vaseline Healthy Sun Block i'd like to use this sun block more. Beside of nonsticky formula this sunblock has weak consistency instead of formula. 

That's all from me, if you have used this sun block too, please comment below.

Bye!! :)))))

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