Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review: Tony Moly Liptint

Today is 2 last day to 2013. Actually i wondering make more than 1 post in this day, but i dunno gonna post what. Yeah, maybe just one post today, but might be more than 1 post in the nest day *hoping*. Since my blog is lack of posts T_T.

I bought Tony Moly Liptint in mini size last month, cos i'm so  curious bout this product. Many beauty bloggers review it and it's not dissapointed yet. Mine is in cherry. Bout the packaging, you can see by your self it's reallllyyyy superr miniiii. The size maybe amount of your thumb. Maybe it's arround 5ml and monotone packaging i think, yeah it's match with the price. It's IDR 15.000  or USD 1.5, really cheap right?

But instead of that, i like the packaging. Cos this is really travel size, you can put it on your pocket and your jeans hohohoh..... such as simple thing.

One thing that you must know. If you buy TM liptint in mini size like me, you should pay attention when you insert the applicator to the bottle. Insert the applicator slowly but sure, don't insert it too hard cos it'll make the lip tint in applicator spread out from the tube and stain onto your fingers. So please take care of it ^^

The applicator is quite easy to use *since my fingers can handle it*. It has curve line that make easy for you to make some dots on your lips. It soft and glides smooth on my lips.

Color of this liptint is really pigmented. Texture is watery without any greasy, pure 100% like water or i can say sumbo in javanese language. Looks red in here, but after apply to your lips it'll look like pink-ish red. 

Above: Before, Below: After

Suitable for daily look, cos it's look so natural or you can apply more than 2x for dare look. Smell like cherry and taste like bitter  med cherry syroup, but it's okay it doesn't bother me at all. I recommend to use your fav lip balm before apply this product, cos it'll make your lips so dry after application and reapply lip balm after application. Can stand for 2-3 hours without eat and drink. If you get drink the color isn't as bright as the first application and when you have to eat i advice you to reapply cos the color will going to wan.

Overall i like this product, but i want try another various lip tint from other brands.

Oh ya, i almost forget to show you the full size

Results : 
Pros :
  • Travel size
  • Cheappp
  • Buildable
  • Natural color
  • Pigmented
  • Watery texture *i like watery*
  • Easy to use applicator
  • Cherry scent
  • Have to apply lip balm before apply this
  • Makes my lips dry >.<
  • Liptint will spread out if you not take care when insert the applicator
  • Have reapply after eat
Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase: No, i want try another liptint

Emergency call, have to go, Bye! ^3^

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  1. I love Tony Moly beauty products. Every summer when I go to Korea, I stock up on all I can get my hands on. haha

    *now your newest follower via greader. :)

    1. Yeah, me too TM products works on me and my mother too ^^
      You're so lucky can go to Korea every summer u,u

      Thanks for following :D Enjoy my blog ;))
      *even i'm still newbie*

  2. mines wears off easily.
    followed your blog hope you could follow mine. ;)


  3. yeah me too, especially when i eat
    yes, i'd follow your blog :))

    thanks for following me ^^