Monday, December 31, 2012

Revolutions for 2013

Today is the last day i blogging in 2012, cos tomorrow is 2013 ^^. Usually in here, last night before new year rain comes out, but not tonight. Rain doesn't fall. My parents decided to go outside arround 10 pm. They wanna look around the city like teenagers do *huft. What bout me? I just lay on my bed in front of my beloved laptop during 2013 come -____-. Nevermind, i've wonted stay alone at home during new year eve. It was already be ma habbit since i was in 4th grade u,u.

Every people sure have their own revolutions for better in the new year. Include me ^^. Of course i have many many many revolutions for 2013, but i focus on the main of my revolutions. So, this is my main revolutions for 2013:

  1. I can be accept in the most favorite high school                                                 I always wants to be accept in senior SMAN 1 Sidoarjo or SMAN 15 Surabaya. fyi for international readers, in here we called high school is Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMA). These high school have internasional standard leaning in my city.
  1. Graduate with a super good mark                                                                     Good mark is the one of point for sign in public high school. Why i choose public high school? Cos they have low cost learning education or free and usually they’ve already have great popularity in peoples assumption.
  1. Get the best raport score ever                                                                              Even my raport score previously was good enough, but it’s not enough for me. Must to improve my skills academy.
  1. Lose 10 kg >.<                                                                                                             I was soooooooooooooo wondering become soooooooooooo skinny, cos my body have excess of fat. The fat patch all over my body especially my thighs. I can’t enjoy when i used to look my thighs while i was wearing skinny jeans or legging, it’s sooooo big. Plus i want have S size clothes in my closet.
  1. Gain height                                                                                                       Since i was in 6th grade till now, my height has still in same position. I really envy with all of my cousins, cos they’re taller than me. When i was kid, i’m the tallest between my cousins. They height was same with my ears *overbear. But after ride into puberty, my height is on line with their ears *karma
  1. Save my money                                                                                             Hopefuly i can save moooooore money for invest my future. Fyi i’m not come from rich family, i grew up in simply family. From chilhood, my mother always embed to me that looking for money isn’t easy as you think, you must work hard for get a little piece of coin and thank to God whenever you get earnings.
  1. More serious in beauty blogger and make more posts plus held a giveaway                                                                                                       Actually i started my blog at December 2011, but i dunno what to do in blogger. I dunno gonna post what, it was blank on my mind. So, i leave it for a whole time. I re-alive my blog at November 2012 *too late*. I was intersted being beauty blogger cos i like about beauty. Hopefuly in 2013 i can reach more follower and held a giveaway XD.
  1. I can drive car well                                                                                                 Now i’m in progress of car lesson. I wanna turn position with my dad while my family go for vacation, so my dad wouldn’t so tired at all. And for emergency call, if there’s some unplanned problem on other city.
  1. Learn foreign languages                                                                                        I’m very infatuate for hold more than 4 languages. In this year i was learning Chinese, but it stopped, cos i have to prepare for national test. Maybe, in 2013 i’ll learn Japanese, German, or French                                                                                                                                                                       
  1.  Always makes my parents happy                                                                   See their smiles are like refresh air for me. They already do anything till i’m grow up. I wanna reply it by make them happy  ^^                                                                                                                                            

 That's all from meh. What bout yours?                                                                                                                     

 Bye! see you in next year ^3^

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  1. I had the same problem with abandoning my blog xD I started mine in 2011 too ;^;
    Those are some great resolutions though! I can relate to so many of them haha :P

  2. Hohohoho *high five*
    yeah in 2011 i was so smartless, i dunno how blogger works for me :p
    Thanks ^^ keep struggling to relate of them *include me*