Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Hi guyss!! Did you miss me :p? *such a fool question*. Sorry i didn't posting anything for this week *just one maybe*. You know that i'm so busy for this week.

I wanna tell you one of my fav lip balm i've ever use. I saw this review first on the cominica blog. I really tempted with this product, but she wrote that she got this product when she was in Singapore. My mind accidently hopeless T-T. But when i was walk arround in the hypermarket, i saw this product *oh lucky me ^^*. Without no consideration, i grabbed it quickly. There was a badge told me that this is new product and the lauched price is arround IDR 18.500. I use this almost 6 months. At the moment, it's still a half left.

Sorry, i cant put any descriptions here, cos the cover was already throw away for long time ago since i bought it. Don't be hopeless, i still remember the important description. It contains SPF 20, just that :p. The pont is that the part of descriptions, right?

One thing that i love so much from this is the scent. It's really really like fresh berry, sweet and candy-licious :)). Bout the scent it's similar with Xylitol bubble gum blueberry mint. Love it ^^

The lip balm it really glides smooth on my lips and also more moiturize *compare another lip balm*. Really moiturize my lips even i get chapped lips, it doesn't hurt me at all. Can be stay on my lips for 2-3 hours after that you must re-apply it *of course it's a lipbalm*.

Leave a shiny effect on my lips. Sometimes if applies it too much, my friends said "Did you eat gorengan? *-*" hooow it so shuck. suddenly, i lick my lips and the shiny effect closely dissapear, but it still moisture up thought i lick it.
Fyi: Gorengan it's a fried snack in indonesia similiar as french fries.

Final thought, this is a adorable lip balm. You must add this to your wishlist product

  • Mositurize
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to get
  • Scent so good
  • Has 3 different scent
  • Don't apply it to much, cos it'll make you after ate gorengan
That's all for me. Hope you enjoy it 
bye see you soon

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  1. haii, anatasia!
    thank you for nominated me for your liebster award ^^

  2. I know who it feels when you apply it too much. my friend asked, "what did you apply? why do your lips like that? did you just eat gorengan?" lol xD but as you said, it moisturized so well :) I love your reviews and I've followed you. follow me back if you don't mind :)