Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Peeling Wash

Haii guys!! I'm back home from school. Today is cloudy in here, but few hours ago was so sunny, especially at 12 pm *of course :p*. Maybe for this month i can't make lot of posts than before, cos i have to prepare my self for national test *this i'm waiting for*. I have to do more excercises and exams, for reach a good score :)). So, i'm so sorry guys :(

Last year i bought so many samples, cos the online shop was on great sale hehehe.... :D. You know i have to save my money for my future. Therefore, i just bought so many things when it was on sale.

 I bought this, cos my skin lot of dead skin. That really bother me though i use honey scrub (i'll make a diy asap) it's really hurt my skin, cos i've got acne on my forehead and nose. I saw this product was on sale too. So, why not to try this one?    :)

I dunno what they said on this product, cos it wrote on korean *_*. I'm really dunno bout korean #blank. Actually i was learning korean a year ago, but i wasn't resume it, cos my mom couldn't give a permission for me. Don't worry i'm google the product descriptions, so you wouldn't so confuse bout the ingredients (source korean depart). Let's the decriptions:

▶ Net WT.  : 100ml
▶ Ingredients
: konjac, baobab tree extracts, Hydrolyzed collagen
▶ Product Descriptions
: Contains soft natural konjac grains
: Moisture peeling to keep skin moist and smooth
: Takes care of old and dead skin cells
: No Paraben, No mineral oil, No Benzophenone, No Talc
▶ Directions for Use
: After cleansing, apply on dry face, massage for 1-2 minutes, and rinse with tepid water.

I'm glad cos this product has natural substances for ingredients and no artifical chemical.

The texture is creamy-watery and easy to blended out. The peel's particle it's really soft but not so much. Probably, it doesn't hurt your skin at all. Smell is soooooo natural, it's like lime fresh i think *if i'm not mistaken :p*. Really soo fresh, i love this scent so much. 

It's pretty easy to use this. After i massaged till more than 2 minutes the dead skin wasn't came a lot :( and some of them was still stay on my skin. Bit dissapointed with this, cos it didn't peeling out all of my dead skin. You can see the before and after

There's no different according to me, obviously in the real. 

Overall i don't really like this product. It doesn't work for me, but sometimes if i got irrritate skin i have to use this cos has soft peeling. I recommend this for who has dry and sensitive skin it might be moisture up your skin. For oily and combination skin, it's pretty moiturize your skn too (cos i have combination skin)

  • konjac, baobab tree extracts, Hydrolyzed collagen as the ingredients
  • No Paraben, No mineral oil, No Benzophenone, No Talc
  • Fresh scent
  • Easy to blend texture
  • moiturize my skin

  • Doesn't peeling out my dead skin

Rating: 2/5
Repurchase: No, glad i just bought the samples

If you have tried this before, please comment below and share it with me ^^

Byee!! i'll see you later

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  1. sry that it didn't work out for you. but I think it only helps peeling out the skin that is already peeling. I've tried the tester on my hands available at etude house and I wasn't satisfied with it either but I only used it once so I rly can't tell if its effective or not. I would like to ask where you bought the samples. thanks.