Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Superrr Lovelies

Hi guyss!! Glad i can make a post again, at this time there will be post-thru. I've never told you that i have cats right? Now, i'm gonna introduce to you guys, one by one.

So let's see them

The first one, i'm gonna tell you about putih. Putih is the first cat that i have and obviously become a mother of all my cats except untung, she's a step mother for him. I dunno why ma mother gave her putih as name #-#, maybe cos the fur.

Putih has moody characteristic. Sometimes she goes so nice, but at the other time she can be so arrogant. Especially when she was on the mood of sex *sorry, for frontal word, i dunno which word is match perfectly* she become soooo spoiled. One of her habbits is getting closer with someone who wanna cuddle her. Usually ma mom cuddle her.

Other pics from her

Next is Mbembe *weird name obviously :p*. Mbembe is the first daughter from Putih. Actually, Mbembe, Tompel and Belang borned in the same day, but Mbembe was born first. Hohohoho... I gave her name Mbembe cos she look so lazy, black and ugly obviously *cruel me +O+*. Before i named her Mbembe, i already hamed her as Butet, but i don't really like it at all, so i decided  change Butet to Mbembe. 

She's sooo unadorned and resignation even you torture her hardly she never said meong *pity her*. She always become my dad's victim T-T. Though she is ugly, but i still love her. She's ma favorite cat till now 

Pics spam for her

Mbembe in the childhood, still ugly at all

Next one is Tompel, she's the second daughter of Putih. I think she's the most beautiful beetween Putih's daughters. Tompel love cleanliness, she never go backyard for lay on the ground like the others do and also she always licks her body *this is the way cat take a bath*. 

But she always againts Untung. When Untung got closer with her, she's always scratches him or says meong with angry voice. This is my aunty favorite.

pics spam for her

Tompel's childhood
Next is Belang, she's the 3rd daughter from Putih. She's the naughtiest cat i've have. She'have broken most of the furniture in my house and my daddy's laptop

She's so wild, when someone got closer withe her she would scratch who near her. But, she's so quite at daily.

Pics spam for her

Devil sight

The last is Untung. Untung is the step son from Putih. Actually, ma mom found him when he was child. He's so pity with plain face, that day rain was coming he looked fell coldness and some nice kids fortunately came to help him. Their built a simple bed for him. Without no longer thinking, ma mom grabbed him directly.

He grew up become big fatty cat. I love him so much especially his jelly fat. I'll talk about him more clearly to you asap in the other post, cos it'll be a longg post.

Pics spam for him

This is the introduce, i know it's not enough for you, so i'll make some posts about my cats one by one and i can explain clearly and deeper to you.

I expect i can make a post about cat called Cat Of The Day (COTD), hope i can make it come true 

What's your pet right now? Tell me

Bye guys! See ya on the next post

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