Friday, December 21, 2012

Review : Vaseline Healthy Sun Block

Hoho.... Can you see the date right now? Yap, it's 21/12/12. Wow.. it's doomsday, the day of the of the world (why i use "of" too much? -.-). But it's turn out to failed doomsday. Cos there's no disaster on my city or maybe country. You know that all of the doomsday issue in the world just estimate, no one know the end of the world. All of those secret just know by God.

Go out from doomsday issue, i wanna review one of my favorite sun block. Always uses this thing when i go to swimming. Let's see what they said on their product :

  • Protect and treat your skin 
  • Cointains Protein Yogurt that popular can help treat your skin and Aloe Vera Extract as known can keep moisturize your skin
  • SPF 30 & Broad Spectrum Sunscreen PA ++ protect your skin from UVA and UVB adverse.

It comes with easily cap, so it can't easily fall out. Contains 100ml in the small bottle, with reasonable prize also. It just IDR 25.000, the cheap waterproof sun block ever. Plus you can find it in supermarket, drugstore, or local store near your house (if you're in Indonesia)

The texture is a little bit sticky (oww.. my blog ^^). When you pour it, the consitency is like another sun block, but when you blend it the sticky formula will come. The sticky formula doesn't absorb well onto my skin. It's leave white flakes on my skin, if you put a lot, your skin will become so fair than before. So, i recommended you to use this product for swimming not daily use. Oh.. yeah for the smell it's kind a orangish and not too strong. So far it doesn't bother me.

Pros :

  • Cheapppppp ^^
  • Can find everywhere
  • SPF 30 PA ++
  • Orange smell
  • Easy to carry cap
  • Waterproof
  • Sticky formula
  • Leave white flakes
Repurchase ? Yes, cos for me banana boat sunblock it's too expensive so i decide to choose this.

Enjoy your failed doomsday guys!

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