Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Technology School Project

Hy guyss!!! Wecome again in this monday night!!

This is not a post about review, article (did i write article before?), life, diy, or something that have you expected before.  In this post i'm just tellin you something. You know during my last year as a student in junior high school, i have so much practice to do include this technology. My technology's teacher gave me some tasks to do and it must end before i receive the seconed semester raport (if i'm not mistaken).  I have to do all of the tasks in this book.

So, maybe this blog will full with my school project. I'm really sorry for that, but this is my duty as a student. If i don't do that, i'll get worse score on technology. So, guys please understand!

Don't be angry to me, relax i still put in some post's reviews, life, COTD, etc.

Hope this post will clearer information bout my blog

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