Monday, January 21, 2013

COTD: Fat Lazy Day

Gladddd to see you again!!! Hohoho..... sorry for last week before, i didn't be able to make a blogpost, cos you know right, i'm a student. So, i dont need to explain to you.

Yeah, i'm keep my promise to make post bout COTD. Hohohoh... i always wondering about this. I have big obsessison of cat, they're so cuteee either they can cheer me up too.

They're laziness is entertain for me, since my mom disconnect our tv cable, we dont have any entertain tv programs. They always full with drama, drama and drama, houu suckk! Though if they have some good programs, they only show it once in a week or twice in a week, but it just 30 minutes T-T stress up.

See my cats it's a refresh button for me. I know some of you might be don't like with cats, but i believe maybe you have your own fav pet.

Here we go pics of them on laziness day

Mbembe was sleeping when i studied

She's so dark, i couldn't see her face

For this, i dunnno why, her fav. place to lazy time is always rice cooker *-*

sorry, bad pic quality

Here it's the jelly belly fat Untung. Look at his stomach, men it's full of jelly fat. I told to my mom that he might be get a diet cos i think he was obesity, but my mom wouldn't it. Fat jelly cat is cute she said

The last but not least, the snowy tompell

Cute ha? They can cheer up you right?
Sorry, for some bad quality pictures, cos some of them took by my mom cellphone's camera and of course my own cellphone's camera.

Btw, i changed my blog layout, hope you enjoy this


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  1. cute pictures! love the kitties they are so gorgeous :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)