Monday, January 21, 2013

COTD: Fat Lazy Day

Gladddd to see you again!!! Hohoho..... sorry for last week before, i didn't be able to make a blogpost, cos you know right, i'm a student. So, i dont need to explain to you.

Yeah, i'm keep my promise to make post bout COTD. Hohohoh... i always wondering about this. I have big obsessison of cat, they're so cuteee either they can cheer me up too.

They're laziness is entertain for me, since my mom disconnect our tv cable, we dont have any entertain tv programs. They always full with drama, drama and drama, houu suckk! Though if they have some good programs, they only show it once in a week or twice in a week, but it just 30 minutes T-T stress up.

See my cats it's a refresh button for me. I know some of you might be don't like with cats, but i believe maybe you have your own fav pet.

Here we go pics of them on laziness day

Mbembe was sleeping when i studied

She's so dark, i couldn't see her face

For this, i dunnno why, her fav. place to lazy time is always rice cooker *-*

sorry, bad pic quality

Here it's the jelly belly fat Untung. Look at his stomach, men it's full of jelly fat. I told to my mom that he might be get a diet cos i think he was obesity, but my mom wouldn't it. Fat jelly cat is cute she said

The last but not least, the snowy tompell

Cute ha? They can cheer up you right?
Sorry, for some bad quality pictures, cos some of them took by my mom cellphone's camera and of course my own cellphone's camera.

Btw, i changed my blog layout, hope you enjoy this


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Technology School Project

Hy guyss!!! Wecome again in this monday night!!

This is not a post about review, article (did i write article before?), life, diy, or something that have you expected before.  In this post i'm just tellin you something. You know during my last year as a student in junior high school, i have so much practice to do include this technology. My technology's teacher gave me some tasks to do and it must end before i receive the seconed semester raport (if i'm not mistaken).  I have to do all of the tasks in this book.

So, maybe this blog will full with my school project. I'm really sorry for that, but this is my duty as a student. If i don't do that, i'll get worse score on technology. So, guys please understand!

Don't be angry to me, relax i still put in some post's reviews, life, COTD, etc.

Hope this post will clearer information bout my blog

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Superrr Lovelies

Hi guyss!! Glad i can make a post again, at this time there will be post-thru. I've never told you that i have cats right? Now, i'm gonna introduce to you guys, one by one.

So let's see them

The first one, i'm gonna tell you about putih. Putih is the first cat that i have and obviously become a mother of all my cats except untung, she's a step mother for him. I dunno why ma mother gave her putih as name #-#, maybe cos the fur.

Putih has moody characteristic. Sometimes she goes so nice, but at the other time she can be so arrogant. Especially when she was on the mood of sex *sorry, for frontal word, i dunno which word is match perfectly* she become soooo spoiled. One of her habbits is getting closer with someone who wanna cuddle her. Usually ma mom cuddle her.

Other pics from her

Next is Mbembe *weird name obviously :p*. Mbembe is the first daughter from Putih. Actually, Mbembe, Tompel and Belang borned in the same day, but Mbembe was born first. Hohohoho... I gave her name Mbembe cos she look so lazy, black and ugly obviously *cruel me +O+*. Before i named her Mbembe, i already hamed her as Butet, but i don't really like it at all, so i decided  change Butet to Mbembe. 

She's sooo unadorned and resignation even you torture her hardly she never said meong *pity her*. She always become my dad's victim T-T. Though she is ugly, but i still love her. She's ma favorite cat till now 

Pics spam for her

Mbembe in the childhood, still ugly at all

Next one is Tompel, she's the second daughter of Putih. I think she's the most beautiful beetween Putih's daughters. Tompel love cleanliness, she never go backyard for lay on the ground like the others do and also she always licks her body *this is the way cat take a bath*. 

But she always againts Untung. When Untung got closer with her, she's always scratches him or says meong with angry voice. This is my aunty favorite.

pics spam for her

Tompel's childhood
Next is Belang, she's the 3rd daughter from Putih. She's the naughtiest cat i've have. She'have broken most of the furniture in my house and my daddy's laptop

She's so wild, when someone got closer withe her she would scratch who near her. But, she's so quite at daily.

Pics spam for her

Devil sight

The last is Untung. Untung is the step son from Putih. Actually, ma mom found him when he was child. He's so pity with plain face, that day rain was coming he looked fell coldness and some nice kids fortunately came to help him. Their built a simple bed for him. Without no longer thinking, ma mom grabbed him directly.

He grew up become big fatty cat. I love him so much especially his jelly fat. I'll talk about him more clearly to you asap in the other post, cos it'll be a longg post.

Pics spam for him

This is the introduce, i know it's not enough for you, so i'll make some posts about my cats one by one and i can explain clearly and deeper to you.

I expect i can make a post about cat called Cat Of The Day (COTD), hope i can make it come true 

What's your pet right now? Tell me

Bye guys! See ya on the next post

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Hi guyss!! Did you miss me :p? *such a fool question*. Sorry i didn't posting anything for this week *just one maybe*. You know that i'm so busy for this week.

I wanna tell you one of my fav lip balm i've ever use. I saw this review first on the cominica blog. I really tempted with this product, but she wrote that she got this product when she was in Singapore. My mind accidently hopeless T-T. But when i was walk arround in the hypermarket, i saw this product *oh lucky me ^^*. Without no consideration, i grabbed it quickly. There was a badge told me that this is new product and the lauched price is arround IDR 18.500. I use this almost 6 months. At the moment, it's still a half left.

Sorry, i cant put any descriptions here, cos the cover was already throw away for long time ago since i bought it. Don't be hopeless, i still remember the important description. It contains SPF 20, just that :p. The pont is that the part of descriptions, right?

One thing that i love so much from this is the scent. It's really really like fresh berry, sweet and candy-licious :)). Bout the scent it's similar with Xylitol bubble gum blueberry mint. Love it ^^

The lip balm it really glides smooth on my lips and also more moiturize *compare another lip balm*. Really moiturize my lips even i get chapped lips, it doesn't hurt me at all. Can be stay on my lips for 2-3 hours after that you must re-apply it *of course it's a lipbalm*.

Leave a shiny effect on my lips. Sometimes if applies it too much, my friends said "Did you eat gorengan? *-*" hooow it so shuck. suddenly, i lick my lips and the shiny effect closely dissapear, but it still moisture up thought i lick it.
Fyi: Gorengan it's a fried snack in indonesia similiar as french fries.

Final thought, this is a adorable lip balm. You must add this to your wishlist product

  • Mositurize
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to get
  • Scent so good
  • Has 3 different scent
  • Don't apply it to much, cos it'll make you after ate gorengan
That's all for me. Hope you enjoy it 
bye see you soon

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Peeling Wash

Haii guys!! I'm back home from school. Today is cloudy in here, but few hours ago was so sunny, especially at 12 pm *of course :p*. Maybe for this month i can't make lot of posts than before, cos i have to prepare my self for national test *this i'm waiting for*. I have to do more excercises and exams, for reach a good score :)). So, i'm so sorry guys :(

Last year i bought so many samples, cos the online shop was on great sale hehehe.... :D. You know i have to save my money for my future. Therefore, i just bought so many things when it was on sale.

 I bought this, cos my skin lot of dead skin. That really bother me though i use honey scrub (i'll make a diy asap) it's really hurt my skin, cos i've got acne on my forehead and nose. I saw this product was on sale too. So, why not to try this one?    :)

I dunno what they said on this product, cos it wrote on korean *_*. I'm really dunno bout korean #blank. Actually i was learning korean a year ago, but i wasn't resume it, cos my mom couldn't give a permission for me. Don't worry i'm google the product descriptions, so you wouldn't so confuse bout the ingredients (source korean depart). Let's the decriptions:

▶ Net WT.  : 100ml
▶ Ingredients
: konjac, baobab tree extracts, Hydrolyzed collagen
▶ Product Descriptions
: Contains soft natural konjac grains
: Moisture peeling to keep skin moist and smooth
: Takes care of old and dead skin cells
: No Paraben, No mineral oil, No Benzophenone, No Talc
▶ Directions for Use
: After cleansing, apply on dry face, massage for 1-2 minutes, and rinse with tepid water.

I'm glad cos this product has natural substances for ingredients and no artifical chemical.

The texture is creamy-watery and easy to blended out. The peel's particle it's really soft but not so much. Probably, it doesn't hurt your skin at all. Smell is soooooo natural, it's like lime fresh i think *if i'm not mistaken :p*. Really soo fresh, i love this scent so much. 

It's pretty easy to use this. After i massaged till more than 2 minutes the dead skin wasn't came a lot :( and some of them was still stay on my skin. Bit dissapointed with this, cos it didn't peeling out all of my dead skin. You can see the before and after

There's no different according to me, obviously in the real. 

Overall i don't really like this product. It doesn't work for me, but sometimes if i got irrritate skin i have to use this cos has soft peeling. I recommend this for who has dry and sensitive skin it might be moisture up your skin. For oily and combination skin, it's pretty moiturize your skn too (cos i have combination skin)

  • konjac, baobab tree extracts, Hydrolyzed collagen as the ingredients
  • No Paraben, No mineral oil, No Benzophenone, No Talc
  • Fresh scent
  • Easy to blend texture
  • moiturize my skin

  • Doesn't peeling out my dead skin

Rating: 2/5
Repurchase: No, glad i just bought the samples

If you have tried this before, please comment below and share it with me ^^

Byee!! i'll see you later

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Quick Review: Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh SPF 24

Hi guys!!
I’m so glad cos i can make a post again. I wanna share a review from one of the most body lotion that i uses daily. This is my favorite, cos ut’s really cheap to my pocket ^^. I’m a cheap products hunter. Beside body lotion, i use this as sun protection cos it has high spf too. I always applies this on the morning when i’m ready to school or when i get skin dehidration. It’s really easy to find to0, i can even find this in the store near my house.

They combine the thin and fresh sensation from aloe vera with UVA and UVB sun protect. So, the scent of this bo dy lotion it’s really so fresh and doesn’t leave any residue. And also quic absorbs onto my skin. Really suitable for dry skin and oily skin. It’s really moiturize my skin till night ^^.

Bad side it’s contains methylparaben, propylparaben, and alcohol L

  • Cheap
  • Easy to find
  • Moisturize my skin all day long
  • SPF 24 PA ++
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Fresh aloe scent
  • Thin formula
  • Quick absorb

  • Contain methylparaben, propylparaben, and alcohol

Rating : 4/5
Repurchase: Yes, obviously

I have to prepare for tomorrrow, cos tomorrow is the 1st day on school after school holiday :’((. I don’t want this holiday end up so early 

This is my new sign ^^ my old sign kind a boring for me
Hope you like it too
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hada Labo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Essence

Nowadays is the first weekend in 2013. Sorry, yesterday i counldn’t continue review bout  Hada Labo. I was sooooo lazy at that time and so tired though i didn’t do anything, maybe it’s like holiday effect -,-. I already review bout the lotion and the milk lotion before, if you haven’t read it just click here. From Hada Labo Shitojyun Ultimate Series, this is the smallest and the pricey product among another product -__- it’s arround IDR 120.000 – 130.000 or USD 12-13 . But, like its friends it’s pretty easy to find in supermarket and drugstore. This has a pump so it’s easily for you to put out the essence.

sorry, i didn't cap the pump :(
Let’s what they said on this product

  •               High Purity arbutin and Vitamin C are 2 active whitening agent which brighten and disguise dark spots so that can make skin more shine and no dull skin
  •             Rich with Hyaluronic Acid which can moisturize the skin and make skin more moist and smoother than before
  •       No scent, no color, mineral oil and ethanol

You can see the ingredients in komposisi. Wrote that it’s contain methylparaben and propylparaben. I don’t know, are they part of  paraben type or another different ingredients? *_*. Google it if you don’t know cos i’m stil google it bout these ingredients. Sorry, i can’t give you more information about ingredients T_T. The good side, it still has arbutin as a whitening ingredients.

The texture is thick but watery and easy to blend. The essence absorb perfectly on my skin. No scent and no color? Yes, it is. There’s no any scent, so this is really suitable for you who don’t really like any scent.

Is it works for me? Yes, moisturize, minimize my pore, and can disgiuse my dark spots even not all of them. Overall it’s pretty works for me. I use this when all of my pimples already gone. I never use this when i got acne-prone skin condition otherwise  it’ll improve my pimples bigger than before >.<  it’s like a nightmare for me. For me, it doesn’t work for whiten my skin, just brighten.

Oh yeah i almost forget, this is the pict bout the texture between the lotion, milk lotion, and essence

  • ·         Has Arbutin, vit c, and Hyaluronic Acid as active whitening agent
  • ·         No scent, no color, ethanol, and mineral oil
  • ·         Easy to find in supermarket and drugstore
  • ·         Absorb perfectly on my skin
  • ·         Moisturize, disguise dark spots and minimize my pore
  • ·         Brighten my skin
  • ·         Comes with pump

  • ·         Pricey among HL Shirojyun Series
  • ·         Doesn’t whiten my skin
  • ·         Methylparaben and propylparaben as the ingredients *_*
  • ·         Improve my pimples >.<

Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase: No, i want try another essence which better than this

How bout you? Have you ever use this essence? Please comment below ^3^


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