Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: Etude House Eyes Cream in Mint Cooling

I'm really satisfy if i can erase my dark circle off hide it. I'm so confuse when i'm looking for product eyes. Every products reveals that they can reduce puffiness and erase dark circle. But, after tried many products it turn up failed on my eyes. No one can erase my dark circle T_T.

Few months ago i bought Etude House Eyes Cream, and i'm sure it can remove my dark circle fluently by using it daily. Instead of that, the packaging was so eyecatching 'o', started from the name it's really harass me.

This come with two different version the other one is vanilla moist. I chose the mint cooling one, becos i thought the blue one has a cooling affect sensation *sotoy*. 


The texture is really slightly and easily glid on your under eyes. The smell is like mint but not too strong. 

After few months i use this, there's no changes happened on my eyes. It still has dark cicles -__-.  But the good side is it has SPF from protect the sunlight and i'm not regret to buy it becos i'm so curious to try this product.

  • Eyecatching package
  • SPF 30 PA ++
  • Slightly texture
  • Mint scent even it's not too strong *i like mint
  • Easy to find
  • Mid range price
  • Didn't erase my dark circles
  • Sometimes it haed to opens the cap from the body

Repurchase? NO, big NO
Rating : 2/5
If you have tried this product, please comment below ^_^

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  1. wah ini ga ngefek ya? >.<
    pengen coba, tapi kalau ga ngefek jadi maju mundur haha

    new follower ^^

  2. iya ce :'(
    walaupun udah pake daily, tetep aja gak ada hasilnya

    You're my 1st follower ce :D