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Review : Skin Aqua UV Protection

Hi guys, it's been so long i'm not update my blog again (actually, it's not too long #i think -_-). So today i'm gonna review my favorite suncare/sunscreen/sunblock (or what ever it called). For me, this the best sunblock ever i tried on my skin. I've been looking for good sunblock so long, but there's no product match on my skin. But this product is works well on me. ^_^

And this is the product

This is skin aqua. In this cases, i have 2 types of them. The pink one is mild milk and the white one is moisture gel. 

Let's start with the pinky one.

What they said :
moisturise your skin with optimal power :
  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen help moisture and soften the skin..
  • Vitmain E as a antioxidan can hamper free radicals and will shows your skin healthier and softer.
  • Daily use because it has non-sticky formula and smooth on skin.
  • Useable for make up base.
  • Doesn't cointains any stain, parfume, and minerals thing that can increase allergy on sensitive skin.

This has SPF 25 PA++ . It's really good for dry skin because it contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and Collagen. Even i'm not dry skin type, but it' works on me.

The consistency of the liquid isn't really watery and the texture is slightly. When i blended it to my face, it's really absorb perfectly and stand out all day long on my face, before i got sweating. -_-
It has a natural or healthy finished. But i think it's a little bit glowy a t the application and will go out to natural finished after a few minutes. 

For the SPF power, i thought it'll not enough for me, cause it just SPF 25 PA++. You know, I'm a student that always going outside the class every breaktime (you can call my self Hyperactive). So, actually i need the higher SPF than SPF 25 PA ++. But, this thing was change my mind. When i was on sport lesson, i must  go to outside right on the center of the schoolyard to do voli test. In that day the was so scary for me. It's like a sharp needle that stab on my skin. I worried my face get sunberned again #lebay. But after voli test, i realized that the sunblock worked on me. Cause there's no sunburned on my skin. But after, sport lesson i got a lot of sweat and maybe this sunblock was fade.   

Secondly, the White tube one

(sorry for bad a pic in here, cos it was taken by my old cellphone) 

What they said :
  • Optimalization to moisture up your skin with improve Hyaluronis Acid (AcHA) & collagen
  • Vitamin B5, E, and C help improve your skin nutrition till your skin keep healthy and soft.
  • With non-sticky and non greasy formula so it also be use for daily.
  • Useable for make up base. 
  •  Doesn't cointains any stain, parfume, and minerals thing that can increase allergy on sensitive skin.

This one has SPF 30 PA++, it's higher than the pinky one and also comes out with non sticky formula. I think the texture is not gel, but more watery.

Why they called gel? not watery 

This one it's absorb quickly on my skin too. But, it's really easy to fade out, cos my skin is really easy to sweat. This one can't stand out for all the day to me. It has a more natural glowy finish than the pink one. 
If you use this before do make up, your make up will look so healthy and glowy. I think the glowy power it's the same one with etude volumer (if i'm not wrong, cos i never try etude volumer before)

I think both of them have similiar texture and have natural glowy finished too. But, I prefer the mild milk or the pinky tube one. Because it doesn't shows an oily face all the day even my skin type it's not dry or sensitive. 

Here the swatches of them 

After blending

without flash

with flash

One thing that i like from both  is the tube. Because this tube makes you easy to carry your sunblock and not slop over when you are on hurry situation. 

(Sorry, i'm not use the original pic from me, because i forgot to take pict on thee tube part)

Final results :
Pros (+) :
  • Affordable, it's arround IDR 50.000, or USD 4,40
  • Easy to find in supermarket or drugstore
  • Has Improve Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, and vitamins
  • Non sticky formula
  • Non perfumed
  • Doesn't contains any minerals thing and stein
  • High SPF for daily use
  • Can use for make up base
  • Moisturize skin well
  • Easy carry tube
  • Makes skin look healthier and smooth
  • Use for face & body
  • Easy to blend
Cons (-) :
  •  Not waterproof

Rating :
Consistancy : 4/5
Price : 5/5
Stay power : 3/5
Formula : 4/5

Overall : 9.5?10

Repurchase? YES, definitely YES YES YES

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