Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY: How To Make Tempe

Morning guys!! Today, i'm posted too early, dunno i just woke up and wanna post this. Very boring in my home, during the holiday i just played with my laptop *poor girl*. All of my friend is on vacation *lucky them*, so i can't go out with them. Forget my lonelines on holiday, let's continue with topic.

Last month i got a biology practice that should the student *contains me* make some traditional foods from biotechnology sistem. Those must be tempe and tape (fermentation of cassava). Tempe and cassava is really traditional food from Indonesia *I really love both ^^*. When i did this with my team, we should take some photos to make the report. So, i decide to put some photos from my practice in here, cos i never make tempe and tape before. For how to make tape, i'll post it as soon as possible.

Materials those you need :

  • Huge tray
  • Bucket
  • Plastik or banana leaves
  • Pan for steam
  • Wooden spoon
  • Stove
Ingredients those you need :
  • 300 gr soya bean
  • 2 gr tempe yeast (Rhizopus sp.)
Sorry, i didn't capture the materials and ingredients :(

Let's make it ;) :
  1. First clean up the soya bean, then soak into water untill  for easily to peel the skin. Throw away the floated skin
  2. Peel the soya bean's skin

    3.   After peeled and cleaned up soya bean. Boil in the pan for a hour. Then drain and dry it under the sun                                           till the soya bean dry, but not too dry. Leave the soya bean skin with moist surface. This step just for                                              dissapear the water from the soya bean. 

My friend, Dina posed under the sun 

     4.   After that, mix the soya bean with tempe yeast. Stir it till mix perfectly
     5.   Put the mixture into plastic or banana leaves. In here i used plastic, cos i don't found any banana leaves. Close the open side by fold the plastic and burn it with candle fire.   

My friend Anita, showing off her pre-tempe
       6.     Pin the plastic surface with needle, toothpich, or something pierce edge.

   7.    Place the pre-tempe on the tray in the room temperature (26-30°C)

    8.    It will become tempe after 40-48 hours
Sorry, i didn't pict the tempe :(. So, i take this pict from google

Sorry for bad englishhhhhhh :'(

That's all from me, hope you enjoy this post :))

If you have any question, please comment below 

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