Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Victoria's Secret Scented Shimmer Powder

 Hi all!! Nowadays in my country is rain. Almost everyday rains come, with downpour and great wind T_T. Yesterday was very terrify downpour and wind, plus the bad side is the lamp went out for all night long #sh*it. I just can laid on the terrace with all my cousin *like iwak pindang*, waiting the lamp turned normally. Therefore, yesterday i can't make some posts.

Few months ago, i got this thing from my aunt. Firstly, i dunno what it is, i thought this thing is kabuki brush, but why kabuki brush has powder in the bottom case? It's so strange. Second predict was highlighter, why highlighter? Cos it has shimmer *short thinker*. I decided to message my aunt to get the true information and she told me that this thing is perfumed powder for body *langsung konek*.

The bottom side

About the packaging is soooo cute and very tempting ^o^. Comes with pink on the bottom and blue on the cap, it's really nice color. The size is really friendly. You can hold it by one hand, really suitable for travelling. It has a brush cap on the bottom so it makes easy for you to carry the brush before  put the the blue cap. FYI, if you don't use the brush cap, it'll make the brush comes out while you put the blue cap and if you always do this the brush will break out :(

The brush isn't really soft enough, maybe they knew it's make for bady not face, therefore they made it not as  soft as the face brush *did victoria's secret launch a face brush?*. But, when i tried on to my body it feel soft. 

I realize that the smell is soooooooo sweeet, really love this smell. Smells like rose but mixed with candy, oh.. i can't explain to you, may be it's like heaven smell. I tried this product first on my 8 years-old cousin  *really bad person*, cos she really likes the scent and shimmer powder. She told me and showed me that the powder wasn't dissapear even she already wash her hand and just little bit smell left on her hand. I'm not sure about that, so i probably tested it on my self. 

You know what? After i tested, i have conclusion that this shimmer powder has super staying power "o". Last Saturday night, my family had to attend a wedding. I blushed some powder on my foot, hands, and arround my neck. I didn't need perfume, cos the powder already perfumed. After back home, the powder was stay on my body :), but the smell wasn't. After i woke up on sunday morning, the powder was still staye on my body ^_^. But after i wased my hand it was went separately. You can count it!! I blushed it maybe at 06.30 pm and gone at 07.00 am, hohoho it's 12,5 hours, it's really very so long lasting power.

Left: with flash, Right: without flash
For the price i don't really know, cos it's gift from my aunt. But after googling, the price is arround USD 8.00. If i'm not wrong, you can google it if you're not sure.

Here are the picts about the powder ingredients and other materials

Results :
  • Travel size
  • Easy to carry
  • Sweeeeeett scent
  • Long lasting shimmer
  • Cute packaging
  • Not any
Rating : 4.5/5
Repurchase : No, i don't like shimmer powder
Recommended ; I recommend this product for who want look BLINK BLINK on wedding, gathering, photoshoot, or other events. If you use this product for daily, it'll look natural if you blush it not too much. 

That's all from me, if you have tried this product, please comment below :))


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